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Russia details Indian defence contracts and Deals
Indo-Russian cooperation in military-technical area has more than four decades of current history and forms up a core of strategic partnership between Moscow and New Delhi. The main feature of military-technical cooperation (MTC) between our countries pertains to its systematic and long-term character. India is actually the only country in the world, implementing together with Russia the joint Program on MTC till 2010, which covers practically all aspects of interaction between defence industries of both states.

The current visit of the Russian President V.V. Putin to India in December, 2004 gave a new impetus to our cooperation. The main bulk here is taken by its aviation component. The Year 2004 resulted in real progress in implementation of current contracts and working out new ones.

So, in December 2004 was completed the delivery of 40 Su-30K/MKI fighters to the Indian Air Force. This Project is unique not only for India and Russia. No Air Force in the world has in its inventory fighters with the thrust vector control feature. Its radar – N011M “Bars” – has phased array capability. By now no a single country in the world has exported such equipment. Finally, for the first time Russia exports on-board electronic equipment, developed in co-operation with Indian, French and Israeli companies.

Implementation of Su-30MKI Project heralds a new phase in the current history of Indo-Russian military-technical cooperation. Designers and specialists from both countries have been working as the united team on development of technologically very sophisticated project. Obtained experience has allowed our countries to proceed to the more advanced state-of-the-art enterprise – license production of 140 Su-30MKI fighters on the production lines of HAL Corporation contracted in December 2000.

The contract is being implemented in accordance with obligations undertaken by the sides. So, on November 28, 2004 at the HAL Nasik division was held a roll-out of the first Su-30MKI a/c, manufactured with the participation of the HAL specialists within the framework of the license contract. As it was stated by Indian officials, the license manufacturing of the Su-30MKI fighters is being considered a milestone in the development of the Indian aerospace industry.

In the early 2004, RAC MiG Corp signed the contract on supply to the IN of 16 MiG-29K (KUB) ship-born fighters. Nowadays, the Corporation concentrates its efforts on series production of the aircraft. All the works are being implemented in the strict accordance with the timeframe jointly agreed with the Indian side.

One of the most prominent events in our bilateral aerospace collaboration last year was a final choice in favor of the Russian bid within the HAL tender on aero-engine for the Indian jet trainer (Intermediate Jet Trainer Project). AL-55I aero-engine was considered the best option while facing the strong competition from leading European engine producers.

Nowadays the Sides are visualizing new large-scale projects in aviation sector, of which to be mentioned first of all should be the Program of joint manufacturing of Multi-role Transport Aircraft, with the strong involvement of Rosoboronexport, IRKUT, HAL and Iljushin DB, and the Project of joint development of “5” generation fighter.

Russian participation in the Bangalore Show is becoming increasingly prominent. The Russian exposition at Aero India'05 showcases products of around 50 Russian defence industries. In accordance with decision of the Russian government, Rosoboronexport Corp is assigned to organize the whole Russian exposition.

By means of live products, dummies, posters and leaflets are being demonstrated here up to 270 items of state-of-the-art aviation weaponry and equipment, as well as above 400 items of dual-use and civil application. The Russian exposition is made out with due regard to the most promising trends in Indo-Russian MTC and major requirements of the armed forces in Asia.

Russian Aviation-Building Corporation (RAC) MiG showcases at the exhibition a live model of MiG-29M2 a/c, which is an up-dated version of the famous MiG-29 fighter and STBP-29, a specialized simulator of MiG-29 a/c for combat use.

MiG-29M2, which is also known as MRCA Project (Multi-Role Combat Aircraft), is in fact a qualitatively new multi-role aircraft developed as per a concept of the open architecture of the board with evidently increased flight range as compared with the original version of MiG-29 fighter. Both Rosoboronexport and RAC MiG promote MiG-29M2 within the IAF's tender on acquisition of a batch of multi-role fighters. Among strong points of the Russian proposal one may mention outstanding technical performances of the aircraft, its high degree of unification with MiG-29K a/c and unmatched experience of Russian enterprises in high technologies transfer to India (for example, license production of Su-30MKI at HAL divisions).

The aircraft will participate actively in demonstration flights and, undoubtedly, be noticed by specialists and guests of the show.

Practically the whole range of export models of Su-family a/c is being demonstrated at the Russian exposition, including Su-27SKM, Su-30MK multi-role fighters, Su-33 ship-borne aircraft, Su-32 fighter-bomber.

Sukhoi Aviation Holding together with Sukhoi DB JSC demonstrate worldwide known Su-30MK two-seater, which features meet requirements of aircraft of “4+” generation. The fighter ensures engagement of not only air targets but also of the whole range of ground and sea objects with high precision weapons. The aircraft is highly maneuverable and unsurpassed in its flight capabilities. Su-30MK is in operation with the Air Forces of some leading Asian countries and is considered the core of their combat power.

IRKUT Corporation together with Yakovlev DB will display a model of Yak-130 trainer-combat aircraft. The aircraft is designed for training flying personnel on all types of planes of both Russian and foreign origin. At the moment, works are going on aimed at transforming Yak-130 trainer into light combat aircraft capable to perform striking missions in the conditions of limited intensity conflicts. As per estimates made by Forecast International (FI), the US research company, in the next decade will be sold worldwide above 1050 trainers and a potential share of Russian-made trainers may come up to 20%, FI experts believe.

The current military conflicts in complicated mountain and desert conditions of Middle East have clearly demonstrated a special role played by helicopters, both strike-combat and transport. That's why a considerable place in the Russian exposition is occupied by varied versions of helicopters of ‘Mil' and ‘Kamov' trade-marks: Ka-50 and Mi-28NE combat helicopters, Ka-31 early warning helicopter, Mi-17-1V assault transport helicopter, Mi-35, Mi-35P, Mi-35M transport combat helicopters, Ka-60 multi-mode rotorcraft, Ka-50-2 combat double-seater helicopter, Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter, Mi-171Sh military transport rotorcraft, Ka-226 light multi-mode helicopter.

Mi-35M combat transport helicopter incorporates results of a “deep” up-gradation of the famous Mi-35 combat transport helicopter. Due to its equipping with more powerful engines, modern avionics, high precision navigation and night-vision systems, arms systems, the combat power of the helicopter is substantially improved. It is now capable to perform landing operations and application of armament round o'clock and in all weather conditions.

Ka-226 light multi-mode helicopter features modular construction, which enables its application in varied options, like utility, transport, rescue-emergency, air ambulance, patrol, fire protection. According estimates of foreign experts, Ka-226 helicopter has substantial export potential. Nowadays, the rotorcraft is being proposed to potential customers in South and South-East Asia, India including.

At the Russian exposition are being exhibited also a great number of other items corresponding to main topics of the Airshow in India. Among them are modern anti-aircraft missiles (Tactical Missile Armament Corporation, Korolev-Town, Moscow region), aviation engines for various flying machines (Ufa-based UMPO Company and SATURN Association, Rybinsk), on-board aviation radars (FAZOTRON-NIIR Corp., Moscow), a wide range of optronic systems (Ural Optical Mechanical Plant, Yekaterinburg), different elements of on-board avionics for Sukhoi and MiG a/c (Technocomplex SPC, Ramenskoe-Town, Moscow region; Russian Aviation Instrument-making Alliance, Moscow).

Rosoboronexport State Corporation is confident that participation of Russia in Aero India'05 will become an important step in the expansion of military-technical co-operation of Russia with India and other countries of Asian continent.


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